What is Sembul?

Sembul is a news and events reporting app which lets you create, discover, and share stories about the noteworthy things happening around you. A story is a running, visual record of an event as it unfolds and is produced exclusively by people who are actually on site. Users on the scene can create a story, or contribute to one if it already exists, with photos, text, audio, and video clips. All information is assembled into one article, which gives readers the most complete, accurate, and authentic representation of what’s going on, in real time.

Key details of an event are gathered by Sembul asking people on the ground relevant, context-related questions about what’s happening, to which they are able to respond by using quick and easy interfaces like sliders, number pads, and list selections. Answers are weighed and these details are represented visually with icons and pictograms. This makes digesting the most important information from the scene effortless. No more sifting through countless posts for crucial information, or searching through websites, various feeds, or hashtags. Information is authentic, up to the minute, and accurate.

Follow friends and organizations in order to keep up with important events. Stories can be discovered and shared a number of ways and across users’ channels.

How do I use Sembul?

See something newsworthy? Create a story about it or contribute to one if it already exists. You can add photos, text, audio clips, or video clips to a story alongside others who are also there. Answer questions about what’s happening in order to help produce the most complete picture.

You can also browse or search for stories, and read up on events as they unfold.

Where’s the menu?

Sembul’s menu is built for speed, and is there only when you need it. Press and hold anywhere on the screen and the menu will pop up. With your finger still pressed, slide to the menu item you want to select and let go.

How do I navigate through Sembul?

Sembul uses gesture based navigation. Pull in from the edge of the screen in order to navigate forwards and backwards.

How do I create a story?

In the menu, slide up to the + button and choose the type of content you’d like to start the story with from the slide-out menu. Fill out the required fields and press the checkmark.

How do i contribute to a story or why can’t I add a post to an existing story?

There are 2 ways you can contribute to a story.
Method 1) Check in to the event you’re at. Then, bring up the menu by tapping and holding the screen when viewing the event article. From here, slide up to the yellow pencil icon and choose the type of content you want to contribute.
Method 2) From anywhere in Sembul, press and hold anywhere on the screen to bring up the menu. Slide up to the + icon and select the type of content you want to create. If there are nearby stories, Sembul will ask you if you’d like to create a new story, or contribute to one of the events happening around you. Select which story you’d like to add to from the list, and add your content!

Where are my notifications?

Notifications are found within your home dashboard under the ! tab.

I made a story but it disappeared! What happened?

Sembul is about delivering newsworthy stories- events that have an impact on the world around you. Moderators will remove any stories which are not deemed significant or noteworthy, or have questionable or abusive content.

if you feel that your story was incorrectly removed, please contact us at support@sembul.com

Any other questions?

Email us at support@sembul.com